Summer RESIDENCY and Exhibition; “Frozen Gesture” with Michael David 

Residency Participants:

Amy Weil

Belen Millan

Claire Chambless

Francesca Schwartz

Sue Stover

Trudie Wolking

Sunday, July 14th through Sunday, July 28th, 2019 

Exhibition: Saturday, July 27th; 7pm to 9pm 

Mid-residency, the group will participate in a trip to Brandon Graving’s Gravity Press and Mass Moca 

This residency is currently full. Please consider the 2019 Fall residency:


M. David & Co. and M. David Studio, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 


The goal of these residencies is to provide you the time to focus on your work away from the distractions of day-to-day routines and to participate in the shared energy of like-minded artists as you take your work to new levels and prepare for your exhibition at M. David & Co.  

Michael David works with participants via Skype and or phone for at least two, hour-long sessions along with email updates individually and for the group prior to your arriving at the residency. This allow Michael to gain a better understanding of you, your work and goals to maximize your experience. He is actively involved and available on a consistent basis for dialogue about your work during the time of the residency.

These residencies offers the speed, intensity and energy of NYC and the exposure to the NYC art world. The gallery and studio are great places to work with others who share the same level of seriousness and professional practice. Those admitted to this residency will be selected because their work is already at a level ready to exhibit and should be prepared to bring work in progress as well as work to develop. 

Admission to this program will be done by a digital portfolio and website review.

Studio/Gallery spaces will be provided at 56 Bogart Street.

The residency includes talks and crits by guest artists and writers, TBA, with an opportunity to dialogue about your work.

Crits and discussions on your work, including professional development by Michael David will also be a part of the residency.

Mid residency we will take a trip to Mass MoCA. There are links below to just some of the amazing exhibitions.

We will be staying one night at a hotel. This will be an important learning experience, guided by Michael to reveal nuances in the works and concepts which directly relate to our own development. 

Saturday the 27th is the Residency Exhibition; 7pm to 9pm 

Sunday, July 28th, the group will either go to galleries, studio visits or possibly Dia Beacon. Those who are traveling should consider leaving Monday the 29th in case there is a full day the 28th.

Mass MoCa 

You are of course free to spend your days doing anything you want and to visit other, galleries, Museums and studios, on your own.

Theme: Frozen Gesture, a review of the work of Lynda Benglis by Robert Pincus-Witten in Art Forum 2011:

More and more Lynda Benglis strives for theatrical effect. At the opening of the new Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis, charcoal black polyurethane foam projected from the wall, creating an environment which was cavernlike and prehistoric. This theatrical thrust in her work was intensified at a similar installation at the Milwaukee Art Center at which vast, plastic foam reaches were embedded with phosphorescent color. After exposure to light they glowed in the dark, giant decomposing organic matters calcified within stalactites.

In the present installation at Paula Cooper’s Gallery, sprawling forms—vastness belied by light weight—have been cast over stuffed plastic bags (later removed) and they cling to the wall to which they are organically bound like huge gray fungi or vast mastodon skulls.

This thematic inference, despite the immense beauty of the impression, seems to mark, in my mind, a general slackening of theory in Benglis’ work, an easing that allies her to the more immediate theater of the prehistoric to which Nancy Graves has devoted much of her energy. What seems threatened is not only the stature of a highly gifted artist who made some of the most energetic and difficult early steps in favor of post-Minimalism, but the viability of post-Minimalism as a style in itself. For, in sacrificing problem for effect, even great decorative effect, the tendency is to transform the theatrical into the theoretical issue.

What is even more interesting is that both Benglis and Graves return to Pollock, no longer in morphological terms but in terms of specifically identifiable prehistoric imagery, as Pollock had done in the Jungian work immediately preceding the “all-over” of 1947–1951.

Michael Valinsky's article: The Frozen Gestures of Lynda Benglisin Hyperallergic: click here


A full packet of info with details about submission, pricing and timeline are available by writing to Bonny Leibowitz at

Please submit via email to Michael David at: the following: - 6 to 8 images of your work 72dpi x 1200pixels on the longest side - Your website and contact info - Your resume 

- A doc with your statement on what you hope to get out of the residency and thoughts on work you would like to develop 

Further follow up will be done with Michael David at


It is advised to get your submission in early. The deadline is May 25th, 2019

Notifications by email or phone, as your portfolio is reviewed

RSVP required upon acceptance into the Residency

This residency will include 6 to 8 artists only. If your submission is not accepted this go round, it will be considered for future dates. The vision for each residency is unique and your submission may very well be more fitting for another date. The residency has proven to be an important life changing experience for participants. 


Please reach out to Bonny Leibowitz, Residency Director with questions at Further follow up will be done with Michael David at 

Michael-David-head small.jpg

About Michael David 

Michael David has been exhibiting internationally since 1981, first with the historic Sidney Janis and then with M. Knoedler & Co. for over three decades. Exhibiting widely throughout the United States and Europe his work has been the subject of much curatorial and critical acclaim. 
A Guggenheim Fellow, his work is included in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Houston Museum Of Contemporary Art, The Denver Museum of Contemporary ART, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum of Art in NYC ,The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among many others and was the subject of a one-person exhibition at the Aspen Museum in Colorado.

His work can be found in numerous prominent private collections as well.
During  the last decade David established the Fine Arts Workshop in Atlanta creating an immersive educational program, teaching on a one to one basis while building communities of artists helping them to develop their individual voices and sharpen their professional practices.  

Since 2014 David has established, directed and curated two of the most successful Galleries in Brooklyn; Life On Mars and M. David & Co. The gallery’s programming focuses on exhibitions featuring the inter-generational relationship between artists, a residency program, artist talks and has become an extension and deepening of David's painting practice and his life as an artist, curator and educator. 


Francesca Schwartz: 

The residencies I have engaged in with Michael David have had a profound and positive impact on my work. Michael has an uncanny knack for entering the process and addressing obstacles with each artist. There is nothing more useful in a teacher and a mentor than their ability to help you unblock yourself, without hindering the creative process. He is a master in creating an environment among the artists that is inspiring without being competitive, truly collaborative while identifying each person's voice. I am a devotee! 

Deborah Kapoor: 

He has 

A keen eye 

Passion for creative process 

Sensitivity to gallery space and how your work speaks within it 

Deep expertise of painting and art history 

Years of professional experience in the field 

Observations of (your) working methods 

Ability to translate tangible delivery systems 

Discussion and honest feedback of relativity of your work to contemporary art world 

Excellence at editing both within your making process, and striking a balance in exhibiting 

Innovation in creating artistic community 

Skill at finding connections between you and others in the residency 


Strong work ethic 

And most importantly, 

A Wicked sense of humor 

You will leave better than you arrived, inspired 

Be prepared for a challenge 

Winston Mascarenhas

My experience with Michael David’s residency could not have been more positive. Not only was there instant like and respect as colleagues, but an instant friendship. That lead to a level of professional 

interaction and discussions that were honest, critical, provoking, and insightful without worrying about feelings, because the intent is for the better good and stimulation of pushing one’s practice. Michael has been involved in the Visual Arts for over 40 years (Michael I hope you don’t mind my aging you…lol). That means he has not only been successful in his personal practice, but has been involved, seen, acquired great knowledge, and has been interactive in the contemporary art world as we know it -That is Invaluable. Thank you Michael. I look forward to working with you again and again. 

Bonny Leibowitz: 

The feedback and input from Michael have been invaluable. Michael helped me hone-in on a few key words, phrases and concepts in a succinct and precise way that became foundational in building forward with my work. I now have those utterances to live with in the studio and have found myself doing more research; delving into artists who have worked in similar genres to gain deeper historical insights and I am continually employing concepts I relate to and I believe can be of value, into the work. The residency gave Michael the time to look and engage with me over days, in a way which goes beyond a crit from not only a trusted eye but someone who "gets you" and can reach in and give you a clarity of vision. The residencies are built so that participants are working individually, with not only feedback from Michael but he also gathers everyone in these small residencies for discussions and brainstorming sessions as well so the feedback from others and the camaraderie and bonds become an integral part of the experience. Additionally, time in Bushwick, in the fantastic atmosphere, being around other artists and the ability to do studio and gallery visits is an exciting dynamic along with the exhibition opportunities. Being part of an exhibition at M. David & Co. and M. David Studio is a fantastic way to meet artists in the community and see your work realized in these gorgeous spaces. You can find images and videos of my installations at two residencies in the space at: and Many thanks for considering a residency with Michael David and let me know if I can be of further help: 

Bonny Leibowitz 

M. David & Co. Residency Director