Holiday Fundraiser and Gallery Dinner Party


Gallery Dinner Party & Fundraiser

Join ArtsClub for a dinner party at M. David & Co. in Bushwick, featuring over 20 artists, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood. Formerly called Life On Mars, M. David & Co. has been the leading gallery in Brooklyn for 5 years, showcasing intergenerational relationships between artists in NYC, from emerging to mid-career to blue-chip. The exhibition will feature a curated selection of artists represented by the gallery and those selected specifically for this show. During this event, we’ll hear about the history of Bushwick and the evolution of the NY art scene from the 1970’s to the present.

Discussing The History of Bushwick & The New York Art Scene

M. David & Co. is known for its high energy, interactive discussions between participants and speakers. The evening will feature interactive presentations on the history of Bushwick, building art collections at different levels and the evolution of the New York Art Scene from the 70’s to present, led by Grace Rosseli, Loren Munk Mary DeVincentis, and Paul D’Agostino.



Loren Munk is a painter, but also goes under the pseudonym of James Kalm, an art critic that chronicles exhibitions through video to providing access the NYC art scene for those who don’t have the opportunity to experience it first hand.

loren col.jpg


Grace Roselli is a painter and photographer. She will be discussing the Pandora's BoxX Project, an ongoing photo series portraying seven generations of women artists, curators, collectors, gallerists, and critics at the forefront of a cultural shift about power and self determination.



Paul D’Agostino is an artist, writer, curator, translator and editor living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where he has been producing art exhibitions and critical discussions at Centotto Gallery since 2008. He holds a Ph.D. in Italian Literature and is currently a member of the part-time studio art faculty at Parsons The New School for Design, and MFA Writing Advisor at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. He has also taught language, literature, cinema and interdisciplinary studies courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at CUNY Brooklyn College, the Department of Romance Languages at Fordham University, and the Italian Department at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.



Influenced by Buddhist philosophy and the practice of psychotherapy, Mary DeVincentis paintings investigate the universal dilemmas and mysteries of existence. She is currently working on Dark Matters, a series of paintings exploring the shadow side of human experience and Sin Eaters, a series which depicts society’s saints, martyrs, scapegoats, and outcasts. Her work has been exhibited at Life on Mars Gallery, the International Print Center, the New York Public Library, White Columns and the Brooklyn Museum. During this event, Mary will be discussing how developing her career as an artist in Bushwick and NYC has informed her practice.

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The exhibition will feature a selection of works on papers, signed books, photos, prints and paintings ranging from $200 to $20,000.

The portion of proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood will vary depending on the donation level of the artist and will be stated to the buyer before purchases are made.



Len Bellinger
Todd Bienvenu
Jeffery Bishop
Ewelina Bochenska
Farrell Brickhouse
Alexandra Rutsch Brock
Kate Brown
Susan Carr
Tim Casey
Michael David
Mary DeVincentis
Thornton Dial
Katharine Dufault
Martin Dull
Patricia Fabricant
Camilla Fallon
Barbara Friedman
Daniel John Gadd
Dana James
Vieno James
Elisa Jensen
Roman Kalinski
Yana Kaplan
Barbara Laube
Bonny Leibowitz
Jonathan Lev
Jackie Lipton
Brittany Miller
Lizabeth Mitty
Loren Munk
Mia Muratori
Sharilyn Neidhardt
William Norton
Erin Parsch
Lisa Petker-Mintz
Grace Roselli
Arlene Rush
Anne Russinof
Francesca Schwartz
Denise Sfraga
Cynthia Sparrenberger
Torild Stray
Rosa Valado
Susan Washington
Nell Waters
Becky Yazdan