M.David & Co will be closed for the summer, open by appointment only

Upcoming exhibition: Daniel Gadd opens September 20th

Daniel John Gadd

Daniel John Gadd

For the past five years I have maintained a studio across the hall from the M David & Co gallery, which I shared in exchange for help in the studio and also in order to give artists a space to work and prepare for exhibits at the gallery . Among the artists that used that studio were Todd Bienvenu, Paul D'Agostino, and Martin Dull, all of whom went on to have killer exhibitions at the gallery.

I was introduced to Daniel John Gadd and his work by Dana James four years ago, and he became an integral part of the gallery and also of my life. We shared my studio and worked side by side. Because our work shares so many similar concerns; loss , redemption, insane surfaces, extreme physicality, fragility, anger, compassion, plus a love of ABEX and Southern Vernacular Art (and the Yankees), we influenced each other to greater and lesser degrees at various times. Early on, perhaps Daniel (being all of 28 and me being, like, 800 when we first met) was more influenced by me. As time went by, Daniel's work soared and my practice became interrupted. At a certain point Daniel's work surpassed mine and perhaps the "teacher became the student" .

So this last week I was back to painting for the first time since I injured myself in December, and I spent some time working in Daniel's studio in New Jersey. During this time I had what you might call a breakthrough, a realization: though my first bodies of work in the late 70's were shaped - mostly crosses and stars, and which included broken pieces of paintings as part of the final work, and my later works have largely been more traditionally-shaped, more recognizably circular or rectangular, I had a radical break from the rectangle, which I attribute to being influenced, in part, by Daniel's radical pushing off the wall, to the floor and now to a mobile. Thanks Daniel, and thanks be to what might be something like karmic closure, who knows.

The gallery will be closed for the summer, instead we will being doing a great summer residency, with an exhibition opening July 27th featuring the work of residency particpants; Claire Chambliss, Belen Milan, Francesa Schwartz, Sue Stover and Trudie Wolking and a residency in early September- but then we reopen with on September 20th with an exhibition of new works by Daniel John Gadd- pushing the boundaries between painting and sculpture to their very limit.